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Blair Billings - Senior National Executive Director

Blair Billings - Senior National Executive Director

Lynda Alexander with her new Mercedes SLK Convertible - February 2013

BLAIR BILLINGS ~ Senior National Executive Sales Director ~ Cordova, Tennessee

What did you do before BeautiControl: 
I was a newlywed with a new baby at home, and was attending college at the time. 
Tell us about your family: 

Blair has been married to her husband, Lane, for 24 years.  Beauticontrol helped them build their dream home five years ago.  She has a daughter, Jessica (23 years old), who who is graduating from Ol' Miss this May with a business marketing degree.  Her son, Reed (18 years old), is attending the University of Arkansas.  Both of her children (pictured to right with their dog Bebe) will have no college loans because of the income she has earned in her spa business.  Blair's husband left a 17-year career with FedEx to start his own business a few years ago, and has never looked back.  What amazing gifts this business has given her family! 

Why you joined originally: 
Blair started her business at the age of 21 in 1990 while attending college.  She started her own business so she could have a executive income and a stay-at-home lifestyle and stay home with their newborn daughter, Jessica, who was then 3 months old.  Blair became a Sales Director the following year because she needed a car, and the company was offering a company car program. 

Awards & Promotions you have received: 

  • #1 Senior Director - 2002
  • #6 Executive Director - 2003
  • #1 Executive Director - 2004
  • Promoted to National Executive Director - December 2004
  • Spirit Of BeautiControl Award - 2005
  • # 3 National Director & Top 5 Team in all of BeautiControl - 2006
  • New Lifetime Millionaire Achiever - 2006
  • Promoted to career level of Senior National Executive Director - March 2007
  • New $2 Millionaire Achiever (she has earned over $2 million in commissions in her career) - 2012
  • #1 Senior National Executive Director - 2012

Blair currently has 55 Directors and over 7,000 spa and relaxation consultants on her National Team from coast-to-coast.  She has 45 women on her team are driving or qualifying for Mustangs, Acadias, Yukons and/or Mercedes.  Blair has earned $75,000 in CASH bonuses since 2002 for promoting directors and Mustang earners.  

What is one of the achievements that you are most proud of?   
Blair's latest achievement was being named one of 10 to be on the President's Council at Beauticontrol corporate office, along with 3 of her other leaders (pictured here with Dawn Simmons, Tara Bradley & National Sales Director, Michelle Jones).  These are the TOP growth leaders in all of BeautiControl -- a huge honor!!

Where are some of the places that you and your husband have traveled to -- all expenses paid by Beauticontrol:  

  • Spain
  • Germany, Switzerland & London 
  • Maui, Hawaii (twice)
  • Las Vegas, Boca Raton & Cancun
  • St. Thomas & The Atlantis Resort, cruise to Bahamas
  • Mayan Riviera in Playa Carmen
  • New York City, San Francisco & Cabo San Lucas
  • Monte Carlo & Costa Rica
  • and many, many more places over the last 23 years.  

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